Love in a Millennial World

I feel like expressions of love no longer come in grand gestures. Nobody runs to the train station to prevent you from leaving. Nobody’s waiting outside your window with a boombox. Or, if these things do happen, we’re too plugged into our phones to notice. I’m not criticizing technology or millennials, but I think Friends would have been a lot different if everyone had cell phones. I think love these days is exhibited more subtly, but it’s still there, and it’s still love. In an effort not to take any of these for granted, here are some of the small gestures of love I’ve witnessed in my own life recently. Love is:

  • When you both race to tweet the same thing first, but then feel bad for stealing each other’s Twitter fame and both delete it
  • Liking every single photo, whether or not you actually like it
  • Being able to send a desperate “like my profile pic” text and instantly getting a notification back
  • Reading Yelp reviews and online menus for hours but ultimately choosing the restaurant you know will make the other happy
  • When you both want to order the same thing at a restaurant but you let them get it
  • Being given the option of the chair or the booth and choosing the chair
  • Being given the option of the couch or the bed and choosing the couch
  • Holding back your hair after a long night
  • Replying to an emotional text with a long audio message because it’s easier to sympathize with your voice
  • Replying to an emotional text with an instant phone call because sometimes texting isn’t instant enough
  • Replying to an emotional text by immediately driving over because sometimes live people are more comforting than phone screens
  • Knowing your exact coffee order and bringing it to you before a meeting
  • Knowing your exact order from most restaurants and bringing it to you when you can’t get it yourself
  • Sending articles, graphs, and statistics from class because you’re both passionate about what you study and know the other will find them interesting
  • Buying a book the other mentioned you would love
  • Buying a book you know the other would love
  • Deleting that really awful photo you took even though it’s hilarious
  • Posting the photo you only look okay in because the other looks great
  • Telling you what to say on Tinder
  • Telling you when you’re making a big mistake but letting you do it anyway
  • Occasionally saving you from some of the big mistakes

All of this is just to say happy birthday Josh; I love you and appreciate everything you do in my life.




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