Global Warming is a Myth and Other Things that aren’t True

Josh and I have lived in Ithaca our whole lives. The average temperature is below 50 degrees. The average temperature in March is 33 degrees. We have had plenty of wonderful afternoons soaking in -30 degree weather. We’ve thrown snowballs in May. This past week it hit 75, which is a good day for the middle of July. Josh and I got to transition our meals from inside crowded cafes to outside on sunny picnic tables. We even pretended to study on his roof (I say pretended because I may or may not have spent the entire time taking snapchats and trying to figure out if the squirrel on the telephone pole was dead or not [it was]).

Another myth that was dispelled this week: Josh and I would kill each other if we spent every day together. We’ve decided to go on a real-life snapchat streak (which, back in the ’90s, would probably just be called “life”) and spend time with each other every day. We’re up to day 11, and while mean comments have been exchanged and tears have been shed, we are both still alive and fairly well.

In classic Olivia and Josh fashion, we also spent most of those daily interactions eating. Myth number three proven incorrect: Olivia always keeps track of her money and does not spend what she does not have. Nope, my card got declined at Panera. But that’s what savings accounts are for, right? When my parents told me to save for “graduate school,” they meant “another meal at a restaurant you can’t afford despite having a meal plan.”

As I’m scrolling through the photos I took this week, I’m realizing Josh and I broke a lot of myths in the past few days. Let me rattle off a list of things that are now 100% proven to be NOT true: art is lame, frat parties are only for freshmen, squirrels don’t go on telephone polls to die, we only study in our beds and never venture to the library, a small group of people cannot consume an entire large movie popcorn, we will never play intramural inner tube water polo, Josh would never drink hot sauce from a bottle at a restaurant, and we would never both get the same order at CTB.

College is about defying the odds, trying new things, and proving yourself wrong. Looking back at this week, I can see that things that seemed scary or stupid or too much work actually ended up being super fun moments that I’m going to remember for a long time to come. Living our college lives to the fullest isn’t foolish and terrifying; it’s exciting and memorable, and none of the things I mentioned are going to kill us (except for global warming — we’re definitely all going to die).



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