Are You Ready to Order?

Olivia and Josh here reporting back after yet another dinner out. No, we can’t afford to go out. We’re college kids. We have part-time jobs. We should be spending our money on textbooks and tuition and other items that will propel us towards our Bachelors. But we spend it on food.

This blog came about after a particularly indecisive night when we couldn’t choose between Turkish, Ethiopian, Indian, or Korean food. After a literal hour of arguing, calling our friends, and texting my mom, Josh said sarcastically, “Why don’t we just make a blog and ask people where we should eat?” Olivia ignored him and turned back to her essay for two seconds; Josh, without supervision for a moment, went and made a blog.

So we’re rolling with it because we’re in college and blogs are cool and food is great. Join us as we eat at every restaurant in Ithaca (and hopefully beyond), attempt to cook for ourselves, take ugly photos of each other eating, and go on adventures that may be unrelated to food (but our next meal will always be in the back of our minds).



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